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Data Item type/subtype Description
ACTUATOR_STATE The state of the Actuator - ACTIVE or INACTIVE.
ALARM DEPRECATED: Replaced with CONDITION category. Rel. 1.1.
ACTIVE_AXES The set of axes associated with a Path that the Controller is controlling. If this

DataItem is not provided, it will be assumed the Controller is controlling all axes.

AVAILABILITY Represents the ability of a Component to communicate. This MUST be provided for a Device and MAY be provided for any other Component. AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE.
AXIS_COUPLING Describes the way the axes will be associated to each other. This is used in conjunction with COUPLED_AXES to indicate the way they are interacting. The possible values are: TANDEM, SYNCHRONOUS, MASTER, and SLAVE. The coupling MUST be viewed from the perspective of the axis, therefore a MASTER coupling indicates that this axis is the

master of the COUPLED_AXES.

AXIS_FEEDRATE_OVERRIDE The value issued to adjust the feedrate of an individual linear type axis
JOG The value issued to adjust feedrate when in JOG mode
PROGRAMMED The value issued to adjust feedrate when executing a program
RAPID The value issued to adjust feedrate during rapid moves
AXIS_INTERLOCK An indicator of the state of axis lockout function when power has been removed and axis is allowed to move freely. ACTIVE or INACTIVE
AXIS_STATE The motion state of an axis or whether it is in a homed position. HOME, TRAVEL, PARKED, or STOPPED
BLOCK The block of code being executed. Block contains the entire expression for a line of program code.
CHUCK_INTERLOCK The indication of an interlock or control state to prevent CHUCK from being operated. ACTIVE or INACTIVE
MANUAL_UNCLAMP The indication of an operator controlled interlock which can inhibit the unclamp action of an electronically controlled chuck. ACTIVE or INACTIVE
CHUCK_STATE The state of a mechanism that holds a part, stock material, or any other item in place. OPEN, CLOSED, or UNLATCHED
COUPLED_AXES Refers to the set of associated axes. The value will be a space delimited set of axes names.
ROTARY The rotational direction of a rotary device using the right hand rule convention as defined in Appendix B. CLOCKWISE or COUNTER_CLOCKWISE
LINEAR The direction of motion of a linear device. POSTIVE or NEGATIVE
DOOR_STATE The opened or closed state of the door. OPEN, UNLATCHED, or CLOSED.
END_OF_BAR Indicates whether the end of a piece of bar stock has been reached. YES or NO
PRIMARY If one or more locations on a piece of bar stock are referenced, the main or most important must be designated as PRIMARY.
AUXILIARY When multiple locations on a piece of bar stock are referenced, additional locations must be designated as AUXILIARY.
EMERGENCY_STOP The current state of the emergency stop actuator. ARMED (the circuit is complete and the device is operating) or TRIGGERED (the circuit is open and the device MUST cease operation).
FUNCTIONAL_MODE The current production status of the device or component. PRODUCTION, SETUP, TEARDOWN, MAINTENANCE, or PROCESS_DEVELOPMENT
INTERFACE_STATE Indicates whether an INTERFACE is active or not currently functioning. ENABLED or DISABLED
LINE The current line of code being executed
MAXIMUM The maximum line number of the code being executed.
MINIMUM The minimum line number of the code being executed.
MESSAGE An uninterpreted textual notification.
OPERATOR_ID The identifier or the person assigned to a piece of equipment
PALLET_ID The identifier for the pallet currently in use for a given Path
PART_COUNT The current count of parts produced as represented by the Controller. MUST be an integer value.
ALL The count of all the parts produced. If the subtype is not given, this is the default.
GOOD Indicates the count of correct parts made.
BAD Indicates the count of incorrect parts produced.
TARGET Indicates the number of parts that are projected or planned to be produced.
REMAINING Indicates the number of parts remaining in stock or to be produced.
PART_ID An identifier of the current part in the device
PATH_FEEDRATE_OVERRIDE The value issued to adjust the feedrate for the axes associated with a Path component.
JOG Value issued in JOG modes
PROGRAMMED Value issued when executing a program
RAPID Value issued for rapid moves
PATH_MODE The operational mode for this Path. SYNCHRONOUS, MIRROR, or INDEPENDENT. Default value is INDEPENDENT if not specified.
POWER_STATE The ON or OFF status of the Component. DEPRECATION WARNING: MAY be

deprecated in the future.

LINE The state of the high voltage line.
CONTROL The state of the low power line.
PROGRAM The name of the program being executed
PROGRAM_EDIT Indicates if a controller is being used to edit a program. ACTIVE, READY, or NOT_READY
PROGRAM_EDIT_NAME The name of the program being edited.
PROGRAM_COMMENT A comment in the control program.
PROGRAM_HEADER The header section of the current program.
ROTARY_MODE The mode for the Rotary axis. SPINDLE, INDEX, or CONTOUR.
ROTARY_VELOCITY_OVERRIDE The value issued to adjust the programmed velocity for a rotary axis.
SPINDLE_INTERLOCK Indicates if power has been removed and spindle is free to rotate. ACTIVE or INACTIVE
TOOL_ASSET_ID The identifier of an individual tool asset.
TOOL_NUMBER The identifier of a tool provided by the device controller.
WORKHOLDING_ID The identifier for the workholding currently in use for a given Path