Data Item Types: CONDITION

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Condition is a DataItem that indicates the device’s health and ability to operate. They are reported differently than Samples or Events: they MUST be reported as NORMAL, WARNING, FAULT, or UNAVAILABLE. Unlike the other two categories, a Component or Device MAY have a Condition type DataItem that has multiple concurrently active values at any point in time. Additionally, these items MAY be further defined to provide differentiation for different condition states; example an AMPERAGE Condition may differentiate between HIGH amperage and LOW amperage.

All DataItems in the Sample category MAY have associated Condition states. Condition states indicate whether the value reported for the data item is within an expected range (NORMAL) or the value is unexpected or out of tolerance for the data item (WARNING or FAULT).

While all DataItems in the Event category MAY have associated Condition states, many typically will not based on the type of data that they represent.

The following table lists the Condition types which have been defined to represent the health and fault status of Structural Elements

Data Item type Description
ACTUATOR An actuator's status.
CHUCK_INTERLOCK An indication of the operational condition of the interlock function for an electronically controlled chuck.
COMMUNICATIONS A communications failure indicator.
DATA_RANGE Information provided is outside of expected value range.
DIRECTION An indication of a fault associated with the direction of motion of a Structural Element.
END_OF_BAR An indication that the end of a piece bar stock has been reached.
HARDWARE The hardware subsystem of the Structural Element's operation condition.
INTERFACE_STATE An indication of the operation condition of an Interface
LOGIC_PROGRAM An indication that an error has occurred in the logic program or PLC associated with a Controller component.
MOTION_PROGRAM An indication that an error has occurred in the motion program associated with a Controller component.
SYSTEM A Condition representing something that is not the operator, program, or hardware.