Data Item Types: CONDITION

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Condition is a DataItem that indicates the device’s health and ability to operate. They are reported differently than Samples or Events: they MUST be reported as NORMAL, WARNING, FAULT, or UNAVAILABLE. Unlike the other two categories, a Component or Device MAY have a Condition type DataItem that has multiple concurrently active values at any point in time. Additionally, these items MAY be further defined to provide differentiation for different condition states; example an AMPERAGE Condition may differentiate between HIGH amperage and LOW amperage.

Data Item type/qualifier Description
ACCELERATION Rate of Change of Velocity
ACCUMULATED_TIME The measurement of accumulated time associated with a Component
ACTUATOR An actuator related condition.
AMPERAGE A high or low condition for the electrical current.
ANGLE The angular position of a Component.
ANGULAR_ACCELERATION Rate of change of angular velocity.
ANGULAR_VELOCITY Rate of change of angular position
COMMUNICATIONS A communications failure indicator.
CONCENTRATION Percentage of one ingredient within a mixture of ingredients
CONDUCTIVITY The ability of a material to conduct electricity
DATA_RANGE Information provided is outside of expected value range
DIRECTION The direction of motion of a Component
DISPLACEMENT The change in position of an object
ELECTRICAL_ENERGY The measurement of electrical energy consumption by a Component
FILL_LEVEL Represents the amount of a substance remaining compared to the planned maximum amount of that substance
FLOW The rate of flow of a fluid
FREQUENCY The number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time
HARDWARE The hardware subsystem of the Component’s operation condition.
LINEAR_FORCE The measure of the push or pull introduced by an actuator or exerted by an object
LOAD The measure of the percentage of the standard rating of a device
LOGIC_PROGRAM An error occurred in the logic program or PLC (programmable logic controller).
MASS The measurement of the mass of an object(s) or an amount of material
MOTION_PROGRAM An error occurred in the motion program.
PATH_FEEDRATE The federate of the tool path
PATH_POSITION The current control point of the path
PH The measure of acidity or alkalinity
POSITION The position of a Component.
POWER_FACTOR The ratio of real power flowing to a load to the apparent power in that AC circuit.
PRESSURE The measurement of the force per unit area exerted by a gas or liquid.
RESISTANCE The measurement of the degree to which an object opposes an electric current through it
ROTARY_VELOCITY The rotational speed of a rotary axis
SOUND_LEVEL The measurement of sound pressure level
STRAIN Indicates the amount of deformation per unit length of an object when a load is applied
SYSTEM A condition representing something that is not the operator, program, or hardware. This is often used for operating system issues.
TEMPERATURE Indicates the temperature of a Component.
TILT The measure of angular displacement
TORQUE The measured of the turning force exerted on an object or by an object
VOLT_AMPERAGE The measure of the apparent power in an electrical circuit (commonly referred to as VA)
VOLT_AMPERAGE_REACTIVE The measure of reactive power in an AC electrical power circuit (commonly referred to as var).
VELOCITY Indicated the velocity of a component.
VISCOSITY The measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow
VOLTAGE The measurement of electrical potential between two points
WATTAGE The measurement of power consumed or dissipated by an electrical circuit or device