FANUC Adapter

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The current submission of the FANUC adapter is one of the most sophisticated in the set. It has full support for multi-path controllers and provides the ability to have per control configured macro and PLC registers using an INI file. The adapter has been well maintained and is still being updated on a regular basis. The adapter has been tested on the following controllers:

  • 0i
  • 0iD
  • 16i
  • 18i
  • 21i
  • 30i
  • 31i
  • 32i

There is one major caveat regarding the controller support. You will need to make sure you build the adaptor correctly for each controller type. This is because the FOCUS2 libraries have different structure sizes defined in the header files and therefor one build cannot serve them all. This can be remedied by creating a dynamic interface that decodes the structures based on the controller model number. This activity has not been scheduled to date. Make sure when deploying that you match the build with the controller version.

If the controller supports FOCUS2 and has Ethernet enabled on one of its ports, there is a good chance this adapter will function.

The adapter is currently being maintained by: [System Insights]