Installing C++ Agent on Raspberry Pi

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Disk Image

A disk image of a complete Raspbian install with C++ Agent installed and configured for a PocketNC desktop 5-axis milling machine is available on request. Send to info_at_mtconnect_dot_org. Just write the image to a formatted SD card, insert to a RPi, and power it up. Configuration of devices.xml file(s) and adapters is still required and device-specific.


Installation procedure for running MTConnect Agent on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with Raspbian 9.x (Debian GNU/Linux 9.x "stretch"). This is a general guide and covers the basic configuration of the MTConnect simulator.

Bill of Materials

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • micro USB cable (to power Raspberry Pi)
  • computer or USB wall wart (to power Raspberry Pi)
  • 16GB or micro SD card
  • ethernet cable
  • internet connection
  • keyboard
  • HDMI cable
  • monitor
  • screwdriver (optional for Pi case assembly)

Setup Raspberry Pi

If you already have a micro SD card with Raspbian installed, skip this section.

If starting with a blank micro SD card, follow the Quick Start Guide and subsequently the NOOBS Guide/Setup on

Agent and Adapter

Everything needed for the agent and a simulated adapter are downloaded, setup, and configured from the "Terminal" command line interface (CLI).

The setup for Raspbian is almost identical to Installing C++ Agent on Ubuntu.

One exception is that the Ubuntu tutuorial uses the Upstart initialization scripting package, while the default Raspbian distribution uses an alternative. Install upstart by entering the following command into the Terminal.

 sudo apt-get install upstart

This will remove (and replace) some core features of Raspbian. A warning regarding the features about to be removed will appear, disregard the warning message and proceed.

From this point forward, follow the instructions as written in Installing C++ Agent on Ubuntu.