Data Item Units

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Here is a list of DataItem Units:

Units Description
CELSIUS Degrees Celsius
COUNT A counted event
DECIBEL Sound Level
DEGREE Angle in degrees
DEGREE/SECOND Angular degrees per second
DEGREE/SECOND^2 Angular acceleration in degrees per second squared
HERTZ Frequency measured in cycles per second
JOULE A measurement of energy
KILOGRAM Kilograms
LITER Liters
LITER/SECOND Liters per second
MICRO_RADIAN Measurement of Tilt
MILLIMETER Millimeters
MILLIMETER/SECOND Millimeters per second
MILLIMETER/SECOND^2 Acceleration in millimeters per second squared
MILLIMETER_3D A point in space identified by X, Y, and Z positions and represented by a space delimited set of numbers each expressed in millimeters
NEWTON Force in Newtons
NEWTON_METER Torque, a unit for force times distance
OHM Measure of Electrical Resistance
PASCAL Pressure in Newtons per square meter
PASCAL_SECOND Measurement of Viscosity
PERCENT Percentage
PH A measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution
REVOLUTION/MINUTE Revolutions per minute
SECOND A measurement of time
SIEMENS/METER A measurement of Electrical Conductivity
VOLT Volts
VOLT_AMPERE Volt-Ampere (VA)
WATT Watts
WATT_SECOND Measurement of electrical energy. Equal to one Joule