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(Device Functionality Groups)
(Device Functionality Groups)
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[[Media:Mazak_VCN_Matrix2_MTConnect Functionality.pdf]]
[[Media:Mazak_VCN_Matrix2_MTConnect Functionality.pdf]]
==== NUM ====
[[Media:NUM_MTConnect Functionality.pdf]]
==== Okuma ====
==== Okuma ====

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Device Functionality Groups

Partial machine, control, and adapter support and functionality supplied by builders are listed here. Many additional devices are supported from the factory or via third party adapters, and the MTConnect standard may be extended to cover additional data items.

DMG Mori

Media:DMG Mori-MAPPS_MTConnect Functionality.pdf


Media:Doosan_MTConnect Functionality.pdf


Media:Mazak_Integrex_eseries_Matrix_MTConnect Functionality.pdf

Media:Mazak_Integrex_eseries_Matrix2_MTConnect Functionality.pdf

Media:Mazak_QTN_Matrix_MTConnect Functionality.pdf

Media:Mazak_QTN_Matrix2_MTConnect Functionality.pdf

Media:Mazak_VCN_Matrix_MTConnect Functionality.pdf

Media:Mazak_VCN_Matrix2_MTConnect Functionality.pdf


Media:NUM_MTConnect Functionality.pdf


Media:OKUMA-Lathe_MTConnect Functionality.pdf

Media:OKUMA-MachiningCenter_MTConnect Functionality.pdf