Getting Started with MTConnect – Writing Client Applications

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Getting Started with MTConnect - Writing Client Applications


July, 2013

Dave Edstrom, Virtual Photons Electrons

This white paper was written for software developers who are interested in writing MTConnect-enabled applications. The primary audience is software developers who are not in the manufacturing arena and are interested in creating MTConnect client applications. The reason for this focus is to expand the number of software developers for MTConnect and hopefully, the number of interesting applications that are created for MTConnect enabled manufacturing equipment and devices.

If you are a software developer and in manufacturing, this will be a helpful primer to learn about MTConnect. No matter what your experience in manufacturing, the next step after reading this white paper will be to become more familiar with MTConnect by reading the MTConnect specification – Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. If you are neither a software developer, nor in manufacturing, the first part of this document will give you a high-level architecture overview, but there are other documents at you would find more appropriate if your interests are more business related.

This white paper is part of the “Getting Started With MTConnect” series of documents. Please note this white paper will be receiving additional updates and clarifications. The current MTConnect spec is version 1.2 The release date of this white paper is July 17th, 2013. Most of the graphics in this presentation come from slides created by me or Will Sobel, Chief Architect of MTConnect and President of System Insights.